Keep Your Data Safe with Helping Hand!

Cybersecurity Services In St Charles, IL

Nothing brings IT to a screeching halt faster than a security breach. And without IT, what can your company accomplish?

Every day, businesses are under attack from malicious predators seeking precious internal and customer data. Most companies don’t even know if they have vulnerabilities or if they do, how serious the situation can be.

The first step is knowing where your weaknesses lie. That’s where Helping Hand comes in. We assess your system and provide cybersecurity services St Charles, IL.

Networking Security Services In St Charles, IL

Prevention is the best defense.

Our referral partners are strong, top-rated companies partners like Microsoft, Dell, Solar Winds and First Communications for our networking security services in St Charles, IL. We believe in virus protection, firewalls and redundancy.

We are also versed in regulatory requirements such as HIPAA compliance.

The experts at Helping Hand can help with networking security services St Charles, IL to keep your data safe and your customer’s faith in you intact. Then we back it up with 24/7 accessibility so whenever you need us, we’re there.

Internet Security / Firewalls

We recommend a multi-level security protection program for all of our clients. This affordable package will add layers of security to your company’s computers and peace of mind for you as well. Our internet cybersecurity services in St Charles, IL, enhance your product security with:

  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-exploit
  • Anti-virus
  • Ransomware protection
  • Firewalls
  • Identity protection
  • Network intrusion protection

We also provide several other programs to improve your PC’s performance and give you more control over applications and how and where they operate within your enterprise. Interested in making your PC environment safer? Contact us to discuss your needs.

Viruses & Malware

Viruses and malware are often the reason your computers run slowly or you’re plagued with constant pop-up advertising. These sneaky, even destructive programs intend to harm your computer or steal your data and are often downloaded without your knowledge. Sometimes they are available on a site that appears legitimate, so a user unintentionally downloads the virus or malware.

Helping Hand has the expertise, tools and processes to remove any malware, spyware or viruses that may be infecting your system.

Our full-service clean-up programs will restore your computer to its original, productive state and also offer a bundle of protective programs to safeguard your data from future attacks. Contact us if you’re looking for cybersecurity in St Charles, IL.

Spam & Virus Email Filtering

If your company inbox is routinely filled with spam junk mail, Helping Hand can set up spam and email filtering that will reduce the annoyance and restore your productivity. This service is automatically provided with our web and email hosting packages but can also be applied separately to your own existing email hosting. Contact us to discuss our networking security services St Charles, IL

Data Backup

Backups seem unimportant until you need them but they can save thousands of dollars in data recovery efforts. How much would it cost to recover or recreate your company’s data? A data backup is usually a smart investment!

Hard Drive Recovery

In the case of a hard drive crash where a backup is not available, we may be able to restore your hard drive depending on its condition. To learn more, see our disaster recovery planning page or contact us today to discuss your needs.