A Helping Hand for IT Managed Services

Helping Hand IT is an information technology management firm that delights in transforming your computer frustration into confidence, knowing your IT is in good hands. We take a proactive approach to ensuring your server and computer network is protected by our umbrella coverage of anti-virus, malware and ransomware protection. We take care of your IT so you can concentrate on other areas of your business. Whether it is a computer repair you need, virus removal, cyber security or a computer back-up solution, Helping Hand IT is the professional you can trust with all your IT needs!


Helping Hand Complete Care™

With the Complete Care™ program at Helping Hand, you will enjoy the benefits of having an outsourced IT department at your service, 24/7.


Networking Solutions

Helping Hand offers every service you need to design, install, and maintain the networking system you need to run your business smoothly.


Cybersecurity Services

Keep Your Data Safe with Helping Hand! Nothing brings IT to a screeching halt faster than a security breach. And without IT, what can your company accomplish?


Voice Over IP (VoIP) Services

Besides offering a cost savings, the cloud-based VoIP system helps streamline and connect telecommunications with a number of advantages.


Business is Better with a Helping Hand

Computer failure is a leading cause of IT downtime which can cost companies hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour. Additionally, threats from hackers, viruses and malware are all designed to crash your computer or steal your company’s and customer’s information and are a constant threat! Helping Hand IT’s proactive approach to protecting your system is designed to stop intrusions before they enter your domain with proven firewalls and protection software. Whether we are working with you by the project or on an ongoing basis, we help you achieve a reliable, continuous flow of productivity. We achieve this through updated technology, on-point software, elegant networking solutions and a lock tight cyber security plan in place. Every security plan needs a backup solution to help you cover the unexpected. We provide peace of mind with several backup solutions that we customize for each client’s needs. Even we can’t stop a malicious treat that you invite into your system by opening an infected email but we can ensure you’re equipped with a proper backup system so we can restore your computer network to solid working condition. We can even help you plan for your next relocation or expansion.

We serve all industries and have specialized knowledge in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Professional services
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Trades

Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about your IT needs? Helping Hand IT can put the right firewall, virus and malware protection along with a solid back-up solution in place to not only provide serious protection but also a recovery plan should the worst ever happen. To find out how we can help protect your system Just call us at 630-940-1718. Ask about our FREE network assessment!