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Your Best Defense Against Ransomware Attacks

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Your Best Defense Against Ransomware Attacks

Cyber criminals employ a variety of malware and ransomware tactics to infiltrate your company’s defenses.  Every day, your computer system is under attack from viruses and malware designed to find the weakest entry points into your computer systems.

Big corporations and small businesses alike are equally vulnerable.  Weak passwords, menial spam filters and unsecure/unsafe internet websites open your system up to cyberattacks.

For business owners, protecting your company’s data network against cybercrime is like a king guarding his valuables against an enemy’s army.  The best approach is a defense that provides layers of protection.  Like a castle with a moat, a drawbridge, locked passageways and stone walls, your business needs a multi-faceted approach to cyber defense.

Ransomware attacks lead to expensive downtime and data loss.

When your system is attacked by ransomware, your company’s data becomes encrypted and the only way to get it back is to pay the ransom to the criminals.  For the unprepared, there are only 3 outcomes that can be expected in this exchange:

  1. Pay the full ransom and hope the cybercriminal unencrypts your data
  2. Negotiate with the criminal to lower the amount they are demanding and hope they unencrypt your data
  3. Refuse to pay and lose all your company data resulting in weeks of downtime and financial costs to cover employee salaries, loss of new business and clients, while you scramble to rebuild your valuable company data.

Don’t put your trust in hackers to restore your data after ransomware attack.

Helping Hand IT has the tools and experience to help you fortify your business empire!  Installing strong firewalls, using VPN tools to protect you while outside of core location and regularly updating strong passwords will provide a level of protection, but alone they are not enough.

A layered backup system is necessary to help you restore your data if cybercriminals break through your outer defenses.

How will you protect your data and survive a ransomware attack?

 Helping Hand IT recommends a layered approach to cybersecurity.  When you call for your consultation, Helping Hand will perform a full assessment of your firewalls, servers, and wireless access points to determine your vulnerabilities.

The team will put together a strategy with products designed to back up your environment securely, block spam, provide strong virus protection, and backup emails.  Additionally, Helping Hand can provide the tools for both local backup systems and off-site backups to ensure ransomware never reaches your stored data.

Here are some of the services offered by Helping Hand IT:

  • Security/Compliance Assessments
  • Third-Party/Vendor Risk Management Tools and Services
  • Office365 Security Hardening
  • Phishing Training
  • Staff Lunch and Learn training
  • Domain Monitoring Services
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Most companies can reduce their online vulnerabilities by training their employees on what to look for and what to avoid during the normal course of business.  Helping Hand IT will provide your staff with a Lunch & Learn training session to help your team spot vulnerabilities and make better decisions about when to ‘click’ and when to delete.

Downtime costs can be reduced or avoided with a Helping Hand.

The goal at Helping Hand IT is to get your company as close to zero risk as possible.  By employing strong defenses and layered backup systems, your company can operate knowing your cybersecurity is in good hands.

To find out how you can begin to create a layered defense for your technology operations, call Helping Hand IT for free consultation at (630) 940-1718.