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Why Choose Helping Hand IT as Your Technology Support Company

With so many things to consider about IT how do you decide on who to trust with your IT support? It is a valid and important question to answer! There is no one item that’s more important than all the others so the decision is complicated. This is an area of business that can be difficult to understand. Without the proper level of support and the right company managing your systems your business could suffer catastrophic loss due to virus or malware attacks. When you add the threat of ransomware to the mix, the risks to all companies continues to grow.  It doesn’t matter if your business is located in St Charles or Geneva or further out like Elgin or Huntley, you are a target for malicious attacks and therefore need to have a cyber security plan in place. That plan starts with a solid, trusted IT company to provide ongoing support and planning.

So, what are the points to consider before choosing a company to partner with for IT support?

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they fully insured?
  • Do they do their own work or subcontract it out?
  • Do they provide support 24/7/365?
  • What do other customers say about them and their work? Reviews are important!
  • Are they experts at network support?
  • Do they also provide hardware when needed?
  • Do they provide remote management and monitoring? This is a critical component to maintaining a strong, safe network.
  • What makes their service better and unique?
  • Do they work in my area such as St. Charles, Geneva, Elgin and Chicago, along with the surrounding areas?
  • Does the company have the experience to be effective at taking care of your company needs?
  • Does the IT company partner with mainstream partners such as Dell, Microsoft, and Apple, or do they use cheaper, off-brand support services?

I am going to address this list of questions and how they would apply to Helping Hand IT Services. Keep in mind, no matter how much you like someone if they can’t stay in business they can’t help you. National statistics for IT-type companies started in 2006 or beyond have a survival rate as listed below. When deciding on a business partner you’ll want them to be here for the long haul! Helping Hand IT opened doors in 1998 and has stood the test of time!

  • 1st year: 77.4% are still in business
  • 5th year: 44.5% are still in business
  • 10th year: 30.1% are still in business

Helping Hand IT has been in the St. Charles, Geneva, Elgin and Chicago area since its inception in 1998. The company does service the entire greater Chicago and Northern Illinois area but is headquartered in St. Charles. They are fully insured and employ a highly skilled team of professionals capable of handling even the most difficult projects. They have an extensive in-house support team and provide support 24/7/365. When your system is down you need support now. Helping Hand IT has the staff to provide quick and reliable support for any emergency need. If you can’t get service when you need it you must ask yourself, is this the level of service I’m looking for?  Computers don’t always breakdown between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. The company you choose needs to have support available 24/7. to keep you up and running!

Helping Hand IT has built a reputation for being quick to respond to any need. Their clients rave about the world class level of support they’ve received. Google has Helping Hand IT listed with a 4.9-star rating based solely on customer reviews! They are also listed with an A+ rating on the BBB website. What separates them from other IT companies and makes them unique is their commitment to true customer service! Taking care of the customer is the company’s primary focus!  They go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience with every interaction you have with them. Their reputation in part is built on old fashion values for doing business. If you are looking for that type of service and commitment, then Helping Hand IT is the company you need to work with.

Helping Hand IT monitors the client’s systems daily, checking for proper function and completion of patches or updates, along with any issues.  Repairing computers is part of our services, but more importantly is taking a proactive approach to avoid issues. Using that proactive approach to educate their clients by meeting with them regularly to review operations and help plan for their future IT requirements of the company. This approach to supporting their clients has helped to prepare clients for easy, manageable transitions from old or non-supported systems to new fully protected computers and components. Despite the proactive approach to support, sometimes parts just breakdown. If that happens to you, know that Helping Hand IT can perform any repair from replacing a motherboard or power supply, to upgrading the memory or hard drive of your computer.

Helping Hand IT has partnered with the industry leaders in equipment and software such as Dell, Microsoft and Apple to name a few. Helping Hand IT is a full-service IT company providing repairs, software installations and updates on any type of system. When your office is expanding, and you need new equipment, or if you need to replace existing equipment, Helping Hand IT has you covered. As an Authorized Microsoft Silver Partner along with a Dell Solution Provider, we install and support all types of equipment such as servers, desktops, laptops, wireless access points, firewalls, backup systems, printers and much more. We take the time to match your company or personal needs to the right equipment. All work comes with our 14-day service guarantee, so you’re assured it has been repaired correctly.

How do you get started? You can go online to the website and request info, or you can just call the main number (630-940-1718) and schedule a FREE Network & Security Evaluation. We would be happy to visit you onsite and analyze your systems along with the network to determine any weak points and how to maximize your network for functionality and security. Do your research and go to the Helping Hand IT Google business listing to check out our reviews. You will see a consistent pattern of reliable, professional work, all from a friendly, helpful staff. We invite you to stop by our office at 40W270 LaFox Road, Suite A, St. Charles IL 60175 and see our company for yourself!