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Tip of the Month: APC Battery Backups

Tip of the Month: APC Battery Backups

If your computers are up and running day and night, you are at risk of losing data from power surges and other disasters.

“Turned off and unplugged” is the safest way to keep your computers when you are not using them. But the reality is that most companies have their computers up and running all the time leaving data exposed and vulnerable.

Enter: APC Battery Backups.

The APC protects your computers from power surges and disasters by shutting down your computer and taking it offline at the moment of a power surge or other disaster and it comes with a $100,000 insurance policy in the event of failure.

If your APC battery does not save your data, the company will pay to replace parts, fix your system and get your business back online.

Plus- the APC system has a long life, lasting 2 to 3 years before it needs to be replaced.

The APC Battery system comes with multiple ports for both battery- to keep your computers running in the event of a power outage so you have time to safely shut down your system before damage occurs; and surge protection- to prevent system damage during electrical storms. There are USB ports as well.

APC Batteries come with software package to ensure that if you are not near your computer when a surge occurs, the system will automatically shut down your computer before it runs out of battery power.

You can find out more about how an APC Battery Backup can help your business by contacting Helping Hand IT for a free consultation.