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Think Ahead to Beat Delays

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Think Ahead to Beat Delays

The Covid-19 pandemic hit nearly every sector of business and every industry in significant ways.  From paperclips to microchips to plywood and industrial supplies, the products Americans need for life and work are in short supply right now.

Businesses in nearly every vertical are finding the same thing: delays in receiving materials are getting longer and costs are rising as result.

Rising gas prices, materials in short supply and increased demand for nearly every manufacturing component have contributed to inflationary price increases.  Add that to the increased shipping times and you have a recipe for disaster if you need components fast.

What can you do to combat this difficult situation?

By thinking ahead, you can help beat the delays that may cause downtime for your business. And we all know downtime is costing you, the business owner, money!

In the computer industry, delays due to Covid-19 and workforce shutdowns worldwide have made it difficult to receive laptops, monitors, servers and other products your business needs to stay on top of orders and perform necessary upgrades.

If you are looking to improve your computer’s performance and get rid of old equipment, now is the time to work together to create a strategy and a solution that will get the components you need on order before it is too late.

Place your faith & trust in Helping Hand to Think Ahead.

At Helping Hand IT, we specialize in helping our customers plan ahead so when necessary, updates and upgrades are required, we have the materials and components on hand for your business.

Need time to pay? We are offering a variety of payment options and leasing programs.

For a free consultation to help you determine what your upcoming computer needs are going to be, contact us at 630-940-1718, press option #4 for sales. For more information, visit our website at or email us here.

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