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The Cost of Downtime

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The Cost of Downtime

In the business world, the year 2020 is fast becoming synonymous with disaster.  The massive shutdowns aimed at slowing the spread of Covid 19 came at a huge cost to business.

Both State and Federal government have worked to provide a safety net for businesses in the form of PPP loans and grants.  You can read more about PPP loan forgiveness from the Small Business Administration here.

In our recent blog we shared opportunities for using PPP Loans to improve and upgrade your business tech which will help you grow your business and survive this unprecedented time.

Now that business is beginning to move forward and a new normal has begun to take hold, it is time to think proactively about how to avoid the next disaster from striking.

While you can’t predict when a software or hardware malfunction might occur, you can have a plan in place that covers your business in the event the unforeseen should strike.

While mobile offices have been a saving grace for many businesses since the Covid 19 pandemic, the opportunity for system failure among those remote workstations is a reality that all small businesses face.

Now is the time to consider how to mitigate the potential costs of downtime should your employees’ remote workstations become compromised.

Whether it is a hardware failure, malware that has crept into your remote systems, or other issues, Helping Hand IT has solutions that empower business owners to plan for the worst so that your recovery time is the best it can be.

Helping Hand IT has been serving the St. Charles area for over 22 years.   We have the experience to get your systems up and running.  We can offer customers loaner servers and laptops to keep your business moving forward while essential repairs and updates are made.

At Helping Hand, we offer the cutting-edge business hardware and software, coupled with the experience to provide your business with the exact tools and support you need.

Working with our partners, we can offer apps that connect your business phone to your cell phone and provide licensing agreements with every phone to guarantee the protection of a replacement phone if your unit breaks.

With a modern system that is catered to your business needs, you are never really down.  If your internet is offline, all your calls will link to your cell phone; voice mail can be routed to email; and you will have access to free digital faxing services.  Safeguards like these will enable you to keep your business running smoothly when life sets up an unexpected hurdle.

To find out how we can help you prepare for the next unforeseen disaster, contact Helping Hand IT for a free assessment and consultation by calling 630-940-1718.