Proofpoint Boosts Security of Office 365 and keeps your email secure.
Proofpoint Boosts Security of Office 365

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Proofpoint Boosts Security of Office 365

It only takes one employee to open a malicious email or click on a bad link in a social media post to threaten the security of your network.  Once a malicious actor has entered your network, the damage can be done in an instant.

Helping Hand now offers a new tool for protecting your network.  When combined with Office 365, Proofpoint enhances the security of your network in a number of ways.

  • Protects against advanced cyber threats
  • Prevents business fraud via imposter email
  • Offers 30-day email continuity
  • Offers secure email communication
  • Acts as a social media patrol

Proofpoint can protect your network against targeted attacks and ransomware, malicious email, websites and attachments, as well as malware and unwanted emails.  The tool can detect beyond what Office 365 security can detect.

Business fraud costs small businesses billions of dollars annually by tricking business owners and employees into sending money or sensitive data online.  These imposter emails can be effectively blocked by adding Proofpoint to your arsenal of protection.

Proofpoint Essentials email will help control what happens to your sensitive data.  The program will detect and secure sensitive information by blocking, alerting and encrypting your data against “bad actors.”

Proofpoint also offers protection of your social media accounts by detecting threats and blocking bad actors who may be targeting your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.  For more information about Proofpoint, or for any other internet security questions, contact Helping Hand IT.