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Preventative IT Maintenance is a Cost Savings for Customers

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Preventative IT Maintenance is a Cost Savings for Customers

You wouldn’t drive your car without scheduled maintenance, why risk your data on computers and servers that have not been maintained as well?

Anyone can understand the value of doing routine maintenance on a vehicle.  You change the oil, check your tires and test the brakes, because accidents happen, and it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to driving.

Regular, scheduled maintenance can seem like an added expense in your IT budget.  But routine maintenance can save you thousands in the long run when compared to the cost of downtime if your system fails.

At Helping Hand IT, our managed care customers have the peace of mind knowing that we are behind the scenes, making sure important patches are installed to protect your servers, firewalls, switches and computers.

We monitor your system from afar and can maintain your IT system before you experience any losses from downtime.

When you choose IT and cybersecurity services for your business, our technicians will continuously monitor the performance of your IT infrastructure. We will also provide detailed status reports based on this monitoring and take care of the regular maintenance of your systems when needed.

By providing preventative maintenance, our team can catch errors or problem areas early, preventing downtime or equipment failure. It is our goal to eliminate the unknowns within your technology systems.

Additionally, with our IT management services, our team can help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology upgrades and network enhancements. Plus, we will ensure that your network is secure from the risks posed by hackers and malware.

Without managed care, if a problem were to strike your computer system, it might take a day before the proper parts could be obtained and installed.  That’s a day without making sales or taking orders, plus paid downtime for your employees.

A $350 system repair now becomes thousands more in lost productivity and sales while your employees wait-on the clock– for the system to come back online.

Just like maintenance on your car is cost effective, it is smart business practice to apply a managed care approach to your IT system.

To find out more about Helping Hand’s managed care programs and how they will benefit your business, contact our office at (630) 940-1718 for a free assessment.  You can also reach out to us online at

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