Office Relocation

We’re a Helping Hand to Move Your IT!

The thought of relocating your office may have you frazzled, but working with Helping Hand turns frazzle into freedom.

In fact, the IT professional is often the last to be called in the moving plans, but should actually be first. That’s because it may take up to 45 days to change the cabling in an existing building site or to connect to a new internet provider because your old one is not available in your new location! Your IT is also intimately tied to your entire business enterprise and everyone wants to reduce downtime on the big day.

Other vendors are concerned with installing their own equipment onsite, but our sole concern is installing yours. To move into a building and slash your downtime, your IT needs to be given priority in the moving sequence of events. We work as an advocate to make sure your IT needs are met before, during and after the move.

We have moved offices as small as two workstations to those as large as 60, enabling our clients to walk into their new location with “plug and play” functionality.

Helping Hand provides a variety of moving services:

  • Planning Meetings
  • Handling logistics/checklists
  • Telephone service changes/connection
  • Router and modem set-ups/connection
  • Internet service/changes/connection
  • Packing, labeling and tagging IT equipment
  • Cabling at new location
  • Coordination on your behalf with general contractors and other professionals
  • Walk through and email testing before occupancy

Planning to relocate your office? It’s never too early to call Helping Hand and get the process started. Contact us today.