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Office 365 Backups Essential for Data Retrieval

Simple solutions prevent loss of emails and data.

Microsoft 365 has taken the business world by storm since the work-from-home trend began in 2020 with the Covid 19 pandemic.

Business users have embraced the ability to work from anywhere with the platform.  The subscription-based availability allows business owners to size the program to fit their individual company needs, while allowing for full creative collaboration for teams.  Plus, companies can pick and choose what programs to include for their employees with mix and match plans catered to their individual needs.

This level of productivity, both remote and on-site, creates a lot of data, and Microsoft’s cloud storage has its limits.  Microsoft offers data retrieval for emails and other data on the cloud for 14 days.  If your business needs access to data for a longer period of time, then you need a solution that automatically moves that data to another platform and protects it from both inside and outside actors that may put that data at risk.

It is not always ransomware that threatens a company’s data.

Your company’s data faces many threats from ransomware and viruses that attack from the outside.  But there are internal threats that must be considered as well.

Even when best practices are employed for outside threats, a disgruntled employee can cause a considerable amount of damage if safeguards are not in place.

User error can also be a factor when an employee makes a mistake and deletes files or emails that are needed later.

A multi-layered approach offers users the most protection.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Backup is the first level of protection.  After that, businesses may need onsite, cloud based and off-site solutions that can be catered to each company’s individual needs.

Local backups allow users to save data on devices using software and hardware stored within your business.  Cloud backups can be layered onto this for a solution that protects your data for an unlimited amount of time.  And for those who need permanent protection from data loss, off-site storage solutions are the key to peace of mind.

How do you know which solutions are best for your business?

One of the best ways to find out what solutions are available for your business is to contact a service provider who has the experience and deep industry knowledge to assess your needs, determine vulnerabilities and provide the solutions, products and security options catered to your business.

Helping Hand IT offers over 23 years of experience in information technology, managed care and internet security.  You can call the office and arrange a free consultation at (630) 940-1718. You can also reach out via their website at

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