Networking Means Productivity

Your office network requires two things to function optimally: 1) the right equipment and 2) the right network connections. Both are necessary to function correctly between your team members and your company and your customers. Helping Hand offers every service you need to design, install, and maintain the networking system you need to run your business smoothly.

PC Purchasing

We take the stress and worry out of PC sourcing by finding affordable, dependable and optimal equipment for our clients. As both a Dell-registered and a Microsoft partner, we can provide expert advice on which system would work best for your business.

We will manage the setup of your computers, including registrations, updates, and software installations. We even deliver them to your location, set them up, and offer basic training on their operation. Contact us for more details.


Laptops keep business in motion when your people are away from the office. Our relationships with Dell and Microsoft help us determine the best equipment for your company’s needs. We can manage the setup of your laptops as well as registrations, updates, and software installations. We’ll deliver them to your location, ready to go, and even offer basic training on their operation. Call us today to find out more.

Server Installation

If your business has grown to the point where it’s become difficult to exchange files efficiently, it might be time to introduce a server. Helping Hand can help you identify the right server for your computer environment and help you make an affordable purchase. We’ll even install it on site for you and transition your workstations into the appropriate Windows domain environment.

WiFi Setup

Do you need a “helping hand” setting up and securing your WiFi access point? Or troubleshooting your patchy WiFi? Helping Hand can make sure your WiFi is set up properly, easily accessed and receptive to maximum power, yet protected and private from unwanted users. Contact us today to learn more.

Web Services

Whether you’re creating a website from scratch or you want to increase your current site’s performance, Helping Hand has the expertise to help your site function optimally for your customers.


Helping Hand IT offers affordable web hosting for small businesses and advanced home users. Our web server comes with standard services of more expensive hosting plans, including PHP, Perl and MySQL access.


For a new website, you’ll need a domain name. Helping Hand can help you select an appropriate, memorable name that is easy to type and most importantly, available for registration. We can also register it for you and manage the renewal fees so your domain isn’t stolen or unintentionally released from your possession.


Equipped with top-rated spam and virus filtering, we provide professional email hosting services at affordable prices for your entire staff.


The web developers at Helping Hand can help you increase the speed of your website and improve its navigation and functionality for visitors. We offer invaluable insight into how to get the greatest return on your investment.