March is Security Month at Helping Hand IT - Helping Hand PC Services and Networking, Inc
March is Security Month at Helping Hand IT

March is Security Month at Helping Hand IT

These are serious times we are living in today.  The war in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions on Russia have created great financial strains.  In their quest to fund their agenda, Russian hackers have increased their efforts to drain your bank accounts through an onslaught of cyber-attacks.

Small businesses are most at risk!    Do not be caught without protection!

This month’s newsletter is filled with new products and services that can help ensure your data is safe.  You can rise above the threat of cyber-attacks if you prepare.

Below are some products and services Helping Hand is offering to their customers to help keep your data safe.


Attention: Considering the world, we live in today, if your using Kaspersky Internet Protection, you might want to consider changing to an American branded product.

Kaspersky is a Russian company owned by Yevgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky.

Helping Hand can assist with these options and changes.  Contact us by phone at (630) 940-1718 for a no-cost consultation.