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Making Sure You’re Safe & Secure with a Tenacity to Survive

These are unprecedented times in our world. Almost overnight, whole offices have gone from traditional work environments to work-from-home models. While everyone is still adjusting to this new way of doing business, we can take pride in the fact that the initial surge of change has passed, and many businesses have been able to pivot and adapt. It is this kind of tenacity that will help us all through this difficult time.

At Helping Hand IT, we have divided our teams across segments, and we remain committed to our business relationships with you. We continue to deliver assistance to our family of clients and are dedicated to helping you navigate the new IT environments that have been created.

This kind of disaster, one that impacts business overnight, is what we have been preparing to meet through our products and services. This is the right time to be in our care. Finding the right balance of products and services is where Helping Hand can serve your business best.

While onsite service calls have to be limited due to the pandemic, we continue to provide the products and solutions your remote systems need to stay safe, free of viruses, and protected from malware and data breeches.

Remember that your business culture is built on the relationships between your employees. While ZOOM meetings and conference calls will help keep the workload flowing, don’t forget to take time to check in on the people on your team. Use these technologies to “meet-up” with your staff, have a virtual luncheon or just make time to see that their needs are being met. A culture shift can happen fast. Staying in touch with the people you work with is not only good for business, it helps create a healthy environment.

Mobile and Remote Work Solutions Are Here to Stay

Today’s business climate requires fluidity. Mobile and off-site work solutions are the backbone of small business enterprises due to the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic and the executive order to shelter-in-place. Giving your employees the ability to effectively work from remote locations is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in 2020.

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During this time of uncertainty, we are all taking the necessary precautions to maintain our health. We are washing our hands more, maintaining social distancing and staying out of public spaces as much as possible. We are planning ahead to ward off threats from the COVID virus that may be coming our way.

The same is true for our businesses. In today’s environment, we must respond to new work situations, new employee dynamics and new ways of doing things. With more employees working from home, cyber security and connectivity must be planned for addressed, both now and for the future.

No matter the threat, be it a health pandemic that changes the way we do business, or a threat to the health of your computer systems, Helping Hand IT has solutions that will keep your operations running smoothly.

Now more than ever, your business needs technology and equipment that allows your employees to work remote while still delivering the same high level of service your customers have come to expect. To provide the best level of service for your customers, you need mobile-friendly applications and cloud-based solutions for data access resourcing.

In order to maximize your cloud technology, it is important that your staff have access to up-to-date hardware. Running cloud-based applications on old hardware can hinder your productivity and affect overall performance.

The Helping Hand Advantage

At Helping Hand IT, we specialize in helping our small business customers choose the right computer hardware that meets the needs of every employee based on their job role and the types of work they perform.

We work with our customers and our network of providers to select the right hardware, operating systems, mobile devices and data solutions that let your employees stay connected, work efficiently and with maximum security.

How do you know if your computers and offsite workstations are secure? Here’s a quick customer check list to make sure the right cybersecurity measures are in place for remote users:

  1. Do you have a secure VPN set up?
  2. Do all your company issued devices have next-gen AV/Endpoint protection?
  3. Are your employees using personal laptops/desktops, and do they have AV/Endpoint protection?
  4. Email security – do your employees have the right email security solutions in place to handle advanced spear-phishing and credential compromise attacks?

Boost Security, Productivity and Mobility with Windows Upgrades

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In today’s work-from-home environment, it is essential to update computers, operating systems and data storage solutions to ensure seamless business activity from any location. Updated computers offer a boost in security, productivity and mobility, allowing your company to maintain a high-level of service to your customers-no matter where they are working.

If you are running your business on computers with Windows 7 operating systems, you are putting your customer data and your business at risk from security breaches, sluggish performance and increased costs due to downtime and repairs.

Reasons to Upgrade Now

  • Upgrading your systems to Windows 10 can provide you with faster multitasking and increased battery life.
  • New products, like the Intel Hardware Shield can help reduce the number of cyber attacks that require IT support to resolve, saving your time and money.
  • Transitioning to updated devices is easier than ever because nearly all the Windows 7 apps are compatible with Windows 10.
  • Newer devices are built with efficiencies in place to easily support regular Windows 10 updates- so your new systems will always perform at their best.

At Helping Hand IT, we make it our business to ensure your offices and devices are equipped with everything you need to stay safe while doing business online.

Call us today at 630-940-1718 for a free assessment and consultation. And remember, life is always better with a Helping Hand!