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Last Pass Offers Secure Access for All with One Solution

As your business grows, your network applications become more complex.  The opportunity for gaps in security, weak passwords, and team sharing can create vulnerabilities that put your company data and security at risk.

The need for multiple layers of passwords can create frustrating situations for your employees.

At Helping Hand IT, we understand the need for security and finding solutions that work for your employees that also save time.

Utilizing Last Pass Enterprise technology, your employees can access their data with a single sign-on that protects every access point while easily connecting employees to their work applications.

Features of Last Pass include:

  • Multifactor authentication for added security
  • Business controls to create a custom security environment
  • Automatic locks that can log out when a user steps away form a computer
  • Password audits that identify and replace any weal or reused passwords
  • Phishing protection only using passwords on trusted sites.

Last Pass encrypts and decrypts user data at the device level – keeping your data secret.  Users can also add a layer of security with multifactor authentication.

Does your staff work in teams?  No Problem! Last Pass offers secure, flexible sharing for teams with generated passwords and accountability, and can revoke access in real time if an employee leaves.

For more information or to schedule a no-cost security consultation, contact Helping Hand IT.