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IP Phones: The Tools for Your Remote Work Solutions

The fact is that the Coronavirus turned the business world upside down.  Many companies were able to pivot their business models and seamlessly implement work from home scenarios that allowed them to stay afloat during the worst of the pandemic.

For those that were prepared, the transition was easier to implement with the technology in place to move the workforce from the office to home-based workstations.  For others, the road was bumpier, and companies were left scrambling for solutions.

Now that a new normal has finally emerged, it is time to shore up the weak links in your tech solutions.  While some companies are planning on a full return of the workplace, more and more small businesses are looking at remote work being a permanent part of their business model.  According to an article from Tech Republic, a report by Upwork predicted that an astounding 73 percent of companies will make use of remote workers by 2028.

So how can your business remain competitive beyond 2020?  In our recent blog we shared opportunities for using PPP Loans to improve and upgrade your business tech which will help you grow your business and survive the new normal.

Tech savvy solutions start with the right equipment to meet the need.  By providing your home-based employees IP phone systems and equipment, you can offer a professional business-based phone number and persona while having the day-to-day operations taken care of by employees in remote locations.

Your employees are safe, working from home.  Your customers have the confidence in seeing your business name and persona when they make or receive business calls from your employees.

How does this relate to PPP funds?

If you have taken advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program loans and support from local and federal agencies, you may be finding yourself in a financial position to make some improvements to your technology.

For employers who received PPP funds during the second Phase of loans, only 60% of the money needed to be used for payroll in order to be forgiven.  A full 40% could then be utilized for other expenses- including upgrading tech that will allow your employees to continue to work remote both now and in the future.

You can read more about PPP loan forgiveness from the Small Business Administration here.

The flexibility built into the Phase II PPP program creates a great windfall for small businesses to add new cloud-based IP phones.

At Helping Hand IT, we can help you assess your current IT needs and devise a custom-tailored plan for the future needs of your business.  Our professionals can help you select the right cloud-based solutions and IP phones to meet the needs of your unique business and your employees.

For more information about how Helping Hand IT can help you update your communications systems, contact them for a free assessment and consultation by calling 630-940-1718.