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Helping Hand Unveils Fresh Innovations for 2021

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Helping Hand Unveils Fresh Innovations for 2021

During the pandemic, Helping Hand IT has been hard at work behind the scenes implementing new programs and best practices to help you manage your information technology systems more easily.  Here are a few of the innovations we have implemented to bring a fresh start to 2021.

Coming January 4th, Helping Hand will initiate a new ticketing system called Autotask, which will enable HHIT to improve service and productivity while serving as a time-saver for our clients.  With this streamlined automation, customers will be able to open a portal, issue tickets for work or tech support and track the progress of their order in the system.

The pandemic-related shutdowns have likely changed the way you do business, leading to remote workstations and more reliance on technology to get things done.  This heavier reliance on technology has created a wider niche for cyber criminals.  They have been using this time of uncertainty as an opportunity to find new ways to breach the security of your network. In response to this, we are unveiling a new monitoring system that will enhance the security features already provided by Helping Hand through our management services.

Our new RapidFire Tool can be run on a network and will analyze everything on it.  We can see what is connected to your network, the number of user devices -both active and unused- and find where your weaknesses are so we can come up with a proactive plan to address them.

This enhanced system generates reports that help identify potential issues.  By deploying the Cyber Hawk tool,  we can detect any rouge computers that may be accessing your network unbeknownst to you, causing threats to your data and security.

Another fresh start for the new year will be our upgraded merchant services payment processing tool.  Integrating with our QuickBooks program, the connect/boost feature allows clients to see their invoices and pay for services using any method they choose.  The system also sends out automatic reminders, so your services are never interrupted.

In effort to make our systems as user friendly for the customer as possible, we have implemented a tool called IT Glue.  This tool replaces our PassPortal system with many enhancements.  The new IT Glue allows a client to view the portal and access it without calling HHIT for assistance.  Clients can change their own passwords at will, and those changes are automatically saved in the system- all this at no charge to the customer!

Finally, Helping Hand is launching a new monthly newsletter in which we will be sharing the latest on the Covid-19 pandemic, news from the stock market, information on Section 179 tax breaks and how to maximize your returns.  We will be sharing features on our employees, happenings within the company and news about how to keep your technology safe and running efficiently.

The year 2020 has taught us some new lessons and reinforced the principles that we have known all along:  that having a plan for both known and unknown disasters is the best defense for your business.  You can rest assured that if a cyber threat strikes, Helping Hand IT will be there to assist you.

For one-on-one information about how our new strategies and programs will benefit your business, please contact Helping Hand IT for a free consultation.  We are here to help you make the most of your technological resources. You can schedule your consultation with Helping Hand IT at (630) 940-1718, or visit us on the web at