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Helping Hand IT provides Options for Upgrading during the Pandemic

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Helping Hand IT provides Options for Upgrading during the Pandemic

Like most businesses, the end of the calendar year means it is time to upgrade your computers and other hardware in preparation for the upcoming year of business.  With pandemic mitigations threatening the viability of small businesses on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to ensure your hardware is up to date to handle any challenge or opportunity that comes your way.

End of year is the best time to upgrade due to the advantages of Section 179 tax breaks which allow businesses to deduct up to $1,040,000 on business equipment such as new computers, laptops, servers and so much more.  And this year, if your Covid-19-related PPP loans have helped keep your office staff on the payroll, you may find you have the funds available to purchase needed equipment now.

Pandemic Inventory Delays are Prevalent

For many businesses, time is a bigger factor than money right now.  You need your new hardware and software packages to be in office and installed as soon as possible.  But right now, the pandemic has created a shortage of equipment as industries across the world have experienced layoffs and reduced work hours and buyers have been using up the supplies of products that were in stock.

These realities have extended the normal 3 to 5 day wait for hardware to a month or more. If your business is in need of upgrades, now is the time to act.  By contacting Helping Hand IT for an assessment right now, we can assist you in finding the equipment that meets you IT needs, place that order and execute the installation in a timely manner.

For those businesses that find themselves in a cash crunch due to the pandemic or for any other reason, there are some great options for you as well.

At Helping Hand IT, we can help you navigate the supply chain issues and lead you through some great financing options.  Our staff can help you find the products you need for your business, prepare an estimate and then bundle the purchase into a long term plan that will help you get through the pandemic.

We can help you receive Dell’s best leasing terms, apply for a 3-month deferral on your first payment and assist with creating 12 to 36-month financing options for your hardware and software packages.

Additionally, small businesses can apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program funds which offer fixed rates of 3.75% for 30 years with no pre-payment penalties or fees. These funds can be used for any number of business-related expenses, including your IT upgrades.

It all starts with a phone call.

Finding the solutions and the hardware that meet your budget and your business model are two of the many ways that Helping Hand IT can help you prepare for the future IT needs of your business.

To receive a free consultation from Helping Hand IT, contact us, visit our website or call (630) 940-1718.

According to the IRS website, this is one of the few government incentives available to small businesses that result in real tax benefits for small business owners.  As of January 2020, the limit for the 179 Deduction is $1,040,000.