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Helping Hand IT Advances Plans to Exceed Customer Satisfaction

The Covid 19 pandemic has altered the landscape of business over the past several months.  More people are working remotely than ever before.  Companies are changing the way business gets done and Helping Hand IT is proactively responding to those changes to meet the needs of their clients.

Helping Hand IT has been hard at work retooling some staff positions and expanding product lines to better serve our client base.

Here is a peek at some of the exciting new changes we have implemented during the Pandemic:

New Staff, New Roles

We are pleased to welcome Aaron Dirck to our staff.  Aaron comes to us with a strong customer service background having worked 11 years for national companies.  He also has 5 years of experience working with a nationally known IT company.  Aaron’s awesome client-first approach aligns with our culture and staff at Helping Hand IT!

We have pivoted our IT Manager, John Knepler, into a new product development position.  John has been with Helping Hand for the past 8 years and has a knack for researching new products and testing them.  In his new role, John will be designing and developing new hardware, testing it and if the new tools are effective, we will release the new products to our client base.

In the area of marketing, we have an outsourced our marketing team that includes Jason Schifferer, a self-employed, award winning web developer and designer who has 16 years of front-end and back-end web development experience; and Jeanie Mayer, a freelance writer, author and marketing consultant who has over twenty years of experience in print and digital communications.

Improved Security Offerings for Our Customers

Even in an office environment, where business networks are more protected, a virus can travel through an entire network in a matter of minutes, placing your data at risk.  With more employees working from home due to Covid 19, the vulnerability for remote stations has gone up considerably.

Helping Hand now offers its customers Sentinel One EDR which responds in real time.  When a staff member clicks on something dangerous, Sentinel One shuts down the computer immediately, taking the user off the network.  Our technicians are then able to come in, resolve the issue and restore the computer to a healthy state in minutes. This added protection is essential for business networks and especially for home-based workstations.

Software that Saves Time on Maintenance

Our new Pass Portal tool allows Helping Hand to store and easily retrieve information relative to a clients’ servers, networks and more, making it easier to handle many tech problems remotely.  With two-step verification and layered protecting in the cloud, clients can view their information and enjoy secure, private handling of sensitive information.

Additionally, we now employ the use of Datto remote monitoring tools to create efficiencies for maintenance, updates and more.  The system is easy to install on the servers and seamlessly feeds to all networked units.  With this system, we can monitor when patch management is needed, track updates, reboot, detect full hard drives and failing hard drives, allowing Helping Hand to be proactive in the maintenance of your system.

New innovations for 2021

Helping Hand IT will be unveiling a new system called Auto Task for client retention management, marketing and ticketing, which will save time for our clients.  With this streamlined automation, customers will be able to open a portal, issue tickets for work or tech support and track the progress of their order in the system.

Lastly our goal at Helping Hand IT is to always to make the client first and top of mind!

For a free consultation to find out how your company can take advantage of these tools and innovations, contact Helping Hand IT at (630) 940-1718, or visit us on the web at