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Duo Ensures Trusted Access for your Company Devices

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Duo Ensures Trusted Access for your Company Devices

Your data is only as safe as the access passwords you and your employees choose.  In today’s world, no matter how safe your passwords seem, there is no substitute for two-factor authentication to prevent outside actors from breaching your defenses.

Duo is a security solution that helps eliminate data breaches by checking user devices before allowing access to your sensitive company data.  Here are some of the check-points users will have to pass before entering your network if Duo is employed:

  • Checks for out-of-date software
  • Searches for missing security features and certificates
  • Enforces device access policies
  • Assesses and blocks risky or untrusted devices

Once users and their devices have been deemed trustworthy to gain access, Duo further protects your network by allowing user access only to the applications you want them to access.  Your employees will benefit from simplified access to their cloud applications with a single secure sign-in.

To learn more about Duo and how it can work for your specific business needs, contact Helping Hand for a free consultation.