Disaster Recovery

Because Downtime is Not an Option.

As business people, we try to control everything we can. But there are things we absolutely can’t, like natural disasters, power failures and other unforeseen circumstances. By having the conversation upfront with us, you give us the chance to take care of you with a disaster recovery plan exclusively designed for your enterprise.

When a company thinks about preparing for the unthinkable, two questions should come to mind:

What does your business look like if your servers or IT systems go down?

Smaller businesses may have ways to continue doing business as usual, but for industries like manufacturing or financial services, a sudden loss of data may mean thousands of dollars lost in an hour. In healthcare, it might even mean a lost life.

The way to avoid such catastrophes is to have an IT plan in place that includes redundancies and back-ups so if one server is damaged, the data lives on elsewhere and is instantly accessible. Your electronic files need to be safe so no matter what happens, no data is lost.

How long can your company survive without functioning IT?

The answer to this question tells Helping Hand what type of plan you need.

This is often based on the cost of NOT doing business because of the circumstance. In other words, we design your plan to safeguard the revenue you would lose in data, production, staffing, new business, orders, etc. per minute, or hour, if your server went down. With our expertise and experience in designing disaster recovery plans, we provide a right-sized solution that will give you the technological assurance and peace of mind you need to stay operating… No matter what.

We help you plan for many contingencies:

  • Loss of data through a hard drive crash or user error
  • Fire or flood
  • Theft or security breach
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Corrupted backups
  • Damaged equipment

Data Backup

Your plan will be custom-designed for your business and include redundancies of information stored offsite, beginning with the most basic of preventative measures: backup. Backups seem unimportant until you need them. But having a backup can save thousands of dollars in data recovery efforts. How much would it cost to recover or recreate your company’s data without a backup? On the average “to-do” list, backing up data is usually at the bottom. Helping Hand’s remote backup service provides automatic, secure, reliable duplication of your data and stores it offsite. Contact us for a data backup system today and you’ll never have to worry about data loss again.

Data Recovery

When a hard drive crashes, some data loss is likely to occur, but we strive to keep loss to a minimum. Helping Hand may be able to help you recover your data depending on the condition of the equipment. If the damage is beyond our in-shop capabilities, we can ship the device to a service provider specializing in data recovery. The best prevention for data loss, of course, is data backup. Working without a backup is like driving without a spare tire—not a good idea. With a reliable backup system in place, you not only have peace of mind but will reduce your downtime to a minimum. If you require assistance with lost data, we can help!