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Windows 7 Is Reaching End of Life

Microsoft has announced that it will end service for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Windows 7 has lived a long life (since 2009), and like Windows XP before it, it’s been a solid, stable, and popular operating system. However, all good programs must end, and the “end of life” for Windows 7 is approaching quickly.

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Why You Need A Backup!

It’s a great day at work, you’re just cruising through your daily tasks amazed at how productive you are then your computer screen goes black. For a split moment panic sets in and you think, what happened? You realize the machine isn’t running so you try to restart it but nothing. You call your IT company for help and they quickly determine your hard drive has failed so then they ask…. “You did back your drive up, correct?” Is that the moment you feel that knot in your stomach because you knew you should back up your system, but you haven’t done it in a while or at all?

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Network Security and Protecting your Computer System A New Year, An Improved IT Strategy

This article speaks to the severity of malware and viruses that everyone faces today. How these malicious attacks on our computer networks cost us thousands of lost hours of work and millions of dollars annually. This article talks to what we can do about this issue!

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Why Choose Helping Hand IT as Your Technology Support Company

With so many things to consider about IT how do you decide on who to trust with your IT support? It is a valid and important question to answer! There is no one item that’s more important than all the others so the decision is complicated.

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