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Alert! Immediate Action Required!

Alert! Immediate Action Required!

New cyber threats are emerging every day. 

The latest threat to your computer system involves cyberattacks that target on-premises Microsoft exchange servers.  Microsoft has announced that these attacks utilize previously unknown exploits, making your data vulnerable to cybercrime.

If your company is using an on-premises exchange server software from 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019, your system may be vulnerable to these new attacks.  Online servers and Microsoft 365 are not affected by these new threats.

It is essential that you take immediate action to protect your company data!

Life is better with a Helping Hand.  To make sure you are safe from these vulnerabilities, contact Helping Hand IT and have your system analyzed, the proper patches installed and find out if a cloud-based option might serve your company needs better for the future.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

By taking the time now to shore up the vulnerabilities of your on-premises exchange server software or by making the jump to cloud-based servers, you can ensure that your system is safe from the latest wave of server attacks.

If you have an on-premises server, we can help you support that system and keep it running safely.  We can also bring options to the table that will help protect your valuable data.

Planning for the worst is the best way to guarantee your business can overcome the pitfalls associated with unscheduled downtime due to cyber-attacks.

Don’t get caught unprepared!  Contact Helping Hand IT today for a free consultation at (630) 940-1718.