A Message from Dave Eshoo, Founder, Helping Hand-IT

To Our Valued Clients:

Our company, Helping Hand-IT, has been deemed by the Governor’s Executive Order as Essential Services within the categories of cyber-security, telecommunication systems, computing services, business infrastructure, communications and web-based services.

As such, our support to customers is being handled remotely to help you during this difficult and serious situation!

We continue to monitor the Coronavirus closely to assure the safety of our employees, customers & partners. We will continue to implement best practices as we serve our clients who are in need of our continued support services.

If you need assistance with your technology, please reach out via phone at 630-940-1718, or send an email to Support@helpinghand-it.com.

As part of our efforts to support our clients, we are sharing a helpful referral with you should your office and hardware systems require decontamination. If you believe your electronic touchpoints may have been exposed to the coronavirus, contact Electronic Restoration Services at 331-643-4111 to schedule services for preventative decontamination. Below is more information about this service.

Thank you: Be Smart, Be Safe, Stay Calm & Healthy!!!

Electronics Preventative Cleaning

There are a lot of touchpoints in a business. If you believe your electronics may have been exposed to the coronavirus, it is critical that you take precautions to avoid contamination or possible infection until a professional has decontaminated or disinfected your electronics.

The coronavirus requires hospital-grade disinfectants to effectively treat surfaces and kill the virus. In addition, proper protective gear should be worn to reduce the risk of infection to anyone who comes in contact with contaminated surfaces.

Contact Electronic Restoration Services at 331-643-4111 to schedule your preventative decontamination.